And studio is the creative practice of Anthony Neil Dart a South African Graphic Artist & Designer focussed on Typography, Identity design, 3d illustration & Analog Synthesis, His background is rooted in the study of Art History, Fine arts - Drawing, Sculpture & Photography - He has worked as an Art director & Creative director for some of the worlds leading brands like: Adobe, Audi, Ericsson, Microsoft & Ford to name a phew. He founded Ontwerp tv design studio producing branding & identity - Animation, VFX & other design focussed projects. Anthony is currently based in Seattle Washington enjoying all the Pacific North West has to offer - He is a curious multi-specialist with a multi disciplinary approach. Anthony is passionate about aesthetics, typography, Film, architecture & analog synthesis He crafts systems & aesthetics that endure, His process is experimental & holistic, thank you for stopping by and feel free to send me a message: anthonyneildart@gmail

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