I studied Graphic Arts, Photography & Printmaking by hand & yet was immediately drawn to the computer as a construct to indulge my proclivity toward expressive control. I am innately curious compelled by the abstract driven by reason. Obsessed with the push & pull of order & chaos the simple & the complex, I am endlessly fascinated by Color, Image, Typography, Form, & Systems Analysis - these elements always inform the work. 
I am currently a Snr Product Designer for Microsoft exploring areas like Pen, Digital Ink, Touch, & Mixed Reality. Anthony's design work has been internationally recognized in various publications, press and media. 
Anthony Neil Dart is a Multi disciplinary Designer / Art Director originally hailing from South Africa — who is currently residing in the absolutely gorgeous Seattle, Washington - USA.
Thanks for watching. 

Inspirations & Interests: Pinterest.com/anthonyneildart/
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