Sonographics by AND© - Part 01
The Sonographics project came out of my passion for experimental sound & image making. This was an opportunity to experiment with these two worlds which I plan to continue expanding upon - mixing my sound compositions of field recordings, granular synthesis and processed guitars with photography, typography, cinematography & 3D. Each of these explorations is just a snippet from a longer track ie: Three minutes or so, feel free to check out the full digital releases here:

AND© music stands for Anthony Neil Dart and are electronic compositions for stillness and calm, with the aim to try and slow things down. Below are some pre production stills & just keep scrolling to see the videos - enjoy! & Thank you for watching.

PENUMBRA - Oceanus Nocturne by AND© 
LOST CARTOGRAPHY - Extinction Diaries by AND© 
DIFFUSION HORIZON - Extinction Diaries by AND© 
RIPTIDE REVERIE - Oceanus Nocturne by AND©
KRILL SWARM - Oceanus Nocturne by AND©
VAST FISSURES - Oceanus Nocturne by AND©
CLICK, PAN - DRAG - Space Is Just Noise by AND©
SPECTER OF SIRENS - Oceanus Nocturne by AND©

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